Sunday, August 31, 2014

A New Approach to Scheduling

I'm hoping to join DeeDee's Peak at My Week Linky tomorrow so today I wanted to share my schedule with you guys.  I'm don't know about you but each year I feel rushed to squeeze everything in and guilt over not giving some content the time it deserves. In an effort to avoid as much of that as I could this year I came up with the following scheduling method. First I recreated our 8 period schedule onto two pieces of poster board.
I resisted every urge to redo it because of the lines that weren't perfectly straight, I must say I'm super proud of myself here! Next I used washi tape to block off time for our morning prayer service, snack & morning recess, and lunch and lunch recess. Then used the same color stickies and to show when I have specials.  
Next I looked through my program guides for math, phonological awareness, phonics dance, religion and put them down. I also made sure to alott sufficient time for morning meeting. I put math down first because I really want to do more with it this year and due to my distaste for Saxon I normally just shove it in somewhere.  The publisher suggested an hour so I went with an hour in case I stick w traditional Saxon I have PLENTY of time and if I work it into something similar to Cara's presentation I will have enough time. After placing all these down I put time in for Shared Reading and broke up my Daily 5 times. It took a while but in the end I reached this 
I found this to be much easier than doing it on the computer because I'm a very visual and tactile person and needed to see it all together to determine if it would work.  I then put it into my plan book for the next three weeks. 
(Aren't my Alo spray painted legging so cute). I plan to use this schedule until mid-October then reevaluate. I'm hoping it will give me enough time see what tweaks I need to make. 
Today I input all this into PP and created a a template I can work off to make my lesson plans.  

I'll be back tomorrow with my plans for the 2nd week of school.  



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