Monday, April 9, 2012

Open Tag

Christina at Mrs. Bainbridge's Class issued an open tag that I am accepting so I can keep posting each day of spring break :) 

So... if you want to accept my tagging... please answer the following questions:

1.)  Do you scrapbook?  If so, what's your favorite tool?  If not... why?

       I use to before I had kids :-(  I no longer have time but more than anything my husband packed up all my supplies when we turned my scrapbooking room into #2's room.  

2.)  Favorite 80s TV show
      Hard one let's see, Punky Brewster, Small Wonder and Three's Company

3.)  Do you keep your toenails painted?
      Kinda in the summer yes, during the winter I keep the last polish I used on until it comes off all on its own the start again.  Weird I know.

4.)  What is your favorite bean?  (Mine is lima, in case you're curious!)
       Umm green beans

5.)  What was your favorite doll's name as a kid?  (Meggie Kay!  And I still have her!)
       I had Kirsten from AG and she was my fave, but I really wanted to have Molly.  

6.)  Coffee or tea?
       Iced coffee

7.)  Bath or shower?
      Shower, I think its weird to sit in your own filth in the tub.
8.)  What is your favorite item in your classroom?
       My smelly markers!
9.)  Funniest classroom moment summed up in 10 words or less...
     For family rule child wrote no semen drew x over mouth 

10.)  Either one name you'd NEVER name a child or one name you'd LOVE to name a child based on students you've had in your class... and you don't even have to tell us if it's a NEVER or a LOVE... just the name!  ;)

          Ellie (multiple students)

If you want to participate head over to Christina's blog :)



  1. I've never met another living soul (besides my sis) who knows what "Small Wonder" is! I'm so happy!!!! :)

    Thanks for letting me tag ya!

    Mrs. Bainbridge's Blog

    PS- your blog design is SUPER cute!

  2. Never thought about the bath before. Now I'm having pictures in my head of it...and it won't go away. I'm glad we don't have anything but a shower now. lol

    First Grade Delight