Saturday, October 5, 2013

Five for Friday October 4th

Instead of lamenting on not posting this week I'm going to be excited about linking up with Kacey for the 2nd week in a row!  

My first full week of guided reading was a success!   All the kids loved it and left the table saying that was fun!  I only had one behavior issue while I was running groups and even that wasn't huge. Once again I'm reminded that taking those first 25 days to really teach each component of the Daily 5 is worth it!!  I plan on introducing the Daily 5 choice board in a week and I'm pretty confident they'll be ready. 
I recently started using Deanna Jump's Interactive Reading Notebook and LOVE IT!  Since I added it after sending out our supply letter I merged it with our Guided Reading Journals, so it's a bit more "all over the place" than I'd like but it works. Next year I think I'll ask for 2 subject notebooks so I can have a set space for each. Any who, the notebook is a wonderful way to introduce my kids to a concept and lead them to assessment. This we discussed character so first I gave them the page that says what a character is first, next I did a read aloud and we identified the character together the completed a different page, the following day I read a different story and had them identify the character using yet another one of Deanna's graphic organizers.  Next week I plan on having them read their own just right book and identifying the character. I think her notebook allows for that gradual release of control we all strive for because she has multiple pages for each reading element, strategy, skill.  I also love how it's all in one spot and think it will make report card time so much easier!  Be sure to check it out!  

One area where I am really struggling is getting my workout on. It's so and even Siri is nagging me 
It's a fold problem, first my feet are a mess. They ache like all the time!! I have plantar fasciitis and it just keeps getting worse. I think wearing flip flops all summer did me in. It's so bad I've taken up wearing Danskos, super comfortable but also super ugly and I'm still having some pain at night. So I'm scared to run. Second I feel like there's never enough time for it. Something always come up!! I'm growing quite frustrated. Our schools 5k is in one month and I'd really like to participate so this week I'm throwing out all the excuses and starting back up. Hoping if I alternate between running shoes I can pull it out. 

Since two our kids are now in school we are learning to navigate through all the after school activities and HOMEWORK, we're so lucky Ko only has written homework 2 nights a week. Kev and I have managed to read his nightly library train books with little problem. Making sure we read with AJ, check her home and study for tests has been a bit harder. We always get it done, making sure it gets in her FROG binder and turned in, proved to be a problem this week. Lucky for me she has the best teacher ever, who just so happens to be my best friend and my excuse of well we at least we did spelling is enough. Even better she doesn't make me feel like a bad parent forgetting!  The best part she agrees is AJ's job and willing to echo my message. 
And if all else fails I do have picture to prove we did it!  

Are these all the rage where you live too?  Rainbow Loom bracelets have taken over our school and my home. The truth is I love making them as much as my AJ does.  For some reason making them is relaxing for me. It's kind of like baking, but more figure friendly. I love being able to follow a recipe and have things come out right. Or maybe it's just my inner crafter?  Either way AJ and are enjoying making bracelets.

Till next week!


Sunday, September 29, 2013

Five for Friday September 27th

Yes I'm posting this 2 days late but the important thing is I'm back!! What can I say but back to school makes me exhausted and it takes everything I can to stay up past 9. Since we get home around 6:30-7 I don't have much time to blog before my early bedtime. But this week went better and I'm ready to start blogging again, so Five for Friday here we go! 

We celebrated Johnny Appleseed this week.  Just like every other 1st grade class in the US I'm sure. It's one of my faves because we can integrate so much!  After doing Rachel's apple vocabulary page we sliced apples and set up the dehydrator so we would be ready for Friday's taste test. 

I finally finished all my BOY assessments and am ready to pull guided reading groups!! Could not be more excited!  The kids are doing really well with D5. We have mastered 20 min of R2S, WoW and R2S1. I'll launch WW Monday and L2SR.

My kiddos were super pumped to use the iPads this week!  We used the geoboard app instead of real Geoboards and it went perfectly. No geobands flying across the room, no one got hurt. LOVE IT!

The highlight of my week was getting my new iPhone.  I have had the 4 for about 3 years and am so in love with my new 5s!  Takes great pictures and I do love Siri!
Finally I can I just say how excited I am that my Skins won today???

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Monday, September 2, 2013

Five for Friday for August 30th

I'm linking up with Kacey for Five for Friday August 30th on September 2nd :(

1.  I made it!! I survived my first week with 22 new Firsties!!  
Can I just say (I guess I can since it's my blog) I always forget how young first graders are when they come to me?!  So wiggly, so sweet, so clingy, so antsy. At the same time they are amazed by everything and I love that!  The next two weeks will definitely continue to be all about routines, rule and procedures.

2.  Like many of you I'm a teacher and a mom so my first day was also my sweet AJ's first day of third

And my Ko-Bro's first day of KINDERGARTEN!  
Seeing him in his dress blues just takes my breath away how did this happen so fast how did my sweet cuddly little monkey get to kindergarten?!  I'm dealing ok because I have one more who still crawls into my bed every night and isn't in school but in a blink she'll be in preK and I'm sure my tears will be flowing!  
AJ is loving 3rd grade, she's in my besties class and keeps coming home telling me about the BFG and some book name Dragons Breath that are SO COOL because they are 3rd grade books, "not like yours mom", guess I'm no longer cool?  Kohen is also in love with K and has 2 amazing teachers so I'm looking forward to a successful year in "mommyville".

3.  I'm totes in love with my classroom!  It turned out pretty much the way I wanted and I just have a few more touches and adjustments to make. I feel like one the kids come in there are always traffic flow issues I didn't anticipate. 
I planning on ordering art caddies from Really Good Stuff for my tables and getting a new rug for the back from Penneys, it looks just like grass and is super soft!  It will also fit all my kids. I'm still debating moving my calendar to the back wall so I can do morning meeting & reading workshop lessons there. 

4.  I survived last week with tons of help from my TPT/blogging idols!  I swear when I grow up I will be a mix of Michelle, Reagan, Abby, Amy and Cara!  Most of our first week actives came from Abby's Fun with Firsties Unit, Michelle's Behavior Packet, Amy's Let's Get Started unit, Reagan's Back to School Basics or Cara's blog and Instagram pics!  

Jitter Juice--- I'll suggest you don't use Sierra Mist or Light Hawaiian Punch, the kids loved it but (YUCK)
 My firsties are all confident that they to are Mathmeticians thanks to Amy!  Don't you just love my boys face?!  This craftivity goes perfectly with Saxons first lesson. 
We completed this activity from Reagan's unit after reading chrysanthemum. 
And this one after reading First Grade Stinks! 

5.  We've launched Daily 5 and are reading up to 5 minutes 45 seconds.
Time to break out the gum balls! 
I give my students 1 gum ball to chew once they reach 6 minutes of stamina.  They love it and it keeps them focused on demonstrating their best reading behavior.  Gum balls lose flavor very quickly so I give them a tissue as well. I'm debating switching to chewing gum because it lasts longer but isn't as pretty in a mason jar and doesn't sound as exciting.   Do you guys use anything?  

I'll be back to post my September Currently tomorrow 


Monday, August 12, 2013

Lets Talk About ME!!

So excited to be participating in this years teacher week!  Per Blog Hoppin' this posts all about me!  Get ready to know me, Ms. Lovelace through my Ten Facts...

1.  Lovelace is my maiden name. My married name is Guishard but my husband says kids would mess it up so I go by Lovelace. It's also the nickname my husband uses. 

2.  I have 3 kids, Ava 8, Kohen 5 and Elena 3. I would love one more, but Kevin says no way!  They are my life but I couldn't see myself as a stay at home mom. I lack the discipline if requires. I think AJ does a better job, I call her my little general cause she keeps us all on track.

3.  I love nicknames!! If I love you I have one for you, Ava is AJ, Kohen is Koey or Ko, Elena is Ellie and Kevin is Kev or Gish.  

4.  I teach at a small Catholic school in Montgomery County MD.  I was baptized Catholic, raised Baptist but have been Catholic since I turned 16. 

5.  I hated first grade when I was in school but LOVE teaching it!  

6.  Reading is my favorite subject to teach.  It's my passion and I'm a dork about if. 

7.  99% of my clothes come from Ann Taylor Loft. The other 1% are either Gap or BR. When it comes to shoes I stick to Toms, Uggs, Reefs and Rainbows. 

8.  My favorite shows are Duck Dynasty and Disney Channel shows like Good Luck Charlie, Hey Jessie. Not that it matters since during the school year I'm in bed by 9:30. 

9.  My classroom is owl themed but my favorite animals are giraffes.  It all started when I found cute owl fabric for my curtains. 

10.  I love drinks, I probably ingest most of my calories through bubble tea, Starbucks, smoothies, slurpies or sodas. The rest probs comes from my addiction to gas station food (chips and obscure candy).  

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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Guided Reading Organization Part 1 (The Binder)

I'll start off my by telling you that I am NOT an organized person.  For the most part I know where my things are and their placement makes sense to me but probably not to anyone else.  So I'm guessing if anyone who knows me in real life would read this they'd be laughing their tail off.  It's not that I don't want to be organized, I do, it more that I typically can't find an idea and stick with it. I blame it on my ADHD but who knows.  Last year all my rearranging and trying new things led me to the perfect GR organization method and thought I'd share... I'll start off my by telling you that I am NOT an organized person.  For the most part I know where my things are and their placement makes sense to me but probably not to anyone else.  So I'm guessing if anyone who knows me in real life would read this they'd be laughing their tail off.  It's not that I don't want to be organized, I do, it more that I typically can't find an idea and stick with it. I blame it on my ADHD but who knows.  Last year all my rearranging and trying new things led me to the perfect GR organization method and thought I'd share how I keep myself organized for my favorite part of the school day. Today's topic will be my Guided Reading Binder 

This is my binder from last year. It's seen better days and I can't wait to slip all my resources into a crisp new binder.  I like to keep all my lesson plans and lesson materials in one place. I keep records of all the lessons I've taught my groups and any notes I took during each lesson, guess you could say I'm pretty paranoid.  I found the best way to keep everything together is in a binder. I recommend a 2 inch binder. 

The first thing I have inside is my schedule of when I meet with each group. 
I keep this in a sheet protector because I update it every quarter and like to keep track of prior quarters. 
Next I have my groups laid out. 

Behind this I keep my class reading level chart. 
I update this every quarter as well.  It helps me see where everyone is all at once and form my groups.  

The next section is where I keep my blank running record score sheets and cheat sheet. 
I try to keep at least 15 blank sheets so I always have one available. These are what I use to when I take a running record on one of my students cold reads during our lesson. I use leveled readers for this, I only use the benchmark books for my quarterly benchmark assessments.

The final section(s) in my binder are for my actual plans. 

I have a tab for each group and keep all their lessons behind each tab. 

This is a lesson plan template off Jan Richardson's website and as you can see I wrote all around it. I can't wait to put the lesson plan templates I made this summer to use!  

In the inside pocket of my binder I keep my anecdotal notes labels. 
I have the originals in the back and the actual labels, at least 5 sheets, in the front.

And that's how I keep my Guided Reading lessons together. If you're interested in my running records sheets checkout this freebie in my TPT shop, the lesson plan templates are also free here, and everything else is in my Guided Reading Goodies file.  

I would highly recommend reading The Next Step in Guided Reading by Jan Richardson if you want to use my templates.   My favorite TPT files on guided reading are by Lesson Plan SOS and What the Teacher Wants

I'll be back tomorrow to share how I organize my guided reading area!