Monday, December 31, 2012

Resolutions 2013

Instead of doing one a day to catch up I figure I will just post the first two together, and tomorrow do the middle two!

1.  Technology---  Really this year I just want to take advantage of the technology available to me.  Gish just got me an iPad Mini for Christmas and I haven't a clue how to use it in my classroom.  It's all set to go in my new pink otterbox but I don't know how to make it available to my students, or even if I should.   Perhaps I should use it class to help me manage the classroom better, I heard the sisters have a Pensive App.  I also stopped taking as many pictures this year so I am going get back into the habit of snapping away with my camera and not always relying on my iPhone.  I two things I would love to learn is how to use Photoshop and how to make my own fonts.  So I'm going to add those to my list.  Lastly in terms of technology I'm going to find ways to use my Mimio more.

2.  Organization--- Oh lord do I need help here!  I am so NOT an organized person!  Not because I don't want to be or because I don't see the value cause trust me I do.  It's more a case of I lack commitment.  I come up with a plan and with in a few weeks, okay sometimes while I coming up with said plan I start to think OOOOO maybe X will work better.  So I never come to decision on how to stay organized and stick with it.  Funny thing is all my students parents telling how organized I am.  I will say I can normally find what I'm looking for.  Other may think it's in a weird place but at some point it made sense to me and I remember where I left it.  (most of the time).  So this year I resolve to finish organizing my binders, STICK with a copy system, stick with a planning system and design an guided reading organization plan!

See you peeps tomorrow-- Oh and HAPPY NEW YEAR


Fitness Goals

Jumping in a little late in this blog hopper linky but I plan to catch up! Any who on to my fitness resolutions...
1. Restart couch to 5k program.  Last November, as in November 2011, I hurt my foot and my plantar fasciitis (misspelled I'm sure) and haven't been able to get back to running since.  This year I am determined to do whatever it takes to get back to running.  I have a great love of running.  Well actually I hate it while I'm doing it but nothing beats the feeling when I finish and the high I get when I realize I actually ran.  SO I need to get back on track.  Starting tomorrow and then making an appointment to meet my podiatrist so I can get proper orthodics (again).
2. Run 2 5ks once I finish the program I plan do a run and then sign up for another.  I figure I'll probably have to run/walk 2 and be able to run mid year?
3. Attempt to run a 10k if I can't run it, walk it.  Hope I can do this because I would love to one day train for the Disney Princess Half marathon and this would be a step in the right direction.
4.  Work on rebuilding my core.  Three c-sections have done quite a number on my abs, who am I kidding I have no abs, just jiggle.  So I'm going to work on abs and toning my arms too.

There my friends are my fitness goals!
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