Saturday, July 30, 2011

Lesson Plan Book

This is the planner I am using for this school year. It is from Erin Condren and is what set off my Owl theme. It is school cool I had to share. They package them so nicely when they send them and it has great codes and coupons in the back for future purchases.
I <3 it!


Is it just me

or once you get into the classroom to set up do you just want keep going back? AJ
and I headed there after camp again today and got a bit more done...I set up my book boxes where I think I want them. I am considering putting a large basket next to the final box for books that need to be shelved. I had to move shelves around to make them all fit and found a bunch of trash so once I get things where they belong my first task will be to wipe and dust everything!
Quick pic of my fab helper after a long day at camp! She is a trooper but I do need to start bringing her snacks or something.
This is my word wall and the table I am using for Work on Writing. I am not sure if I should leave it under the word wall or scoot it down under the bulletin board so it is closer to the anchor charts we make?
I like to use the radiator for Word Work because its magnetic and they can stick letters on to it so maybe instead of a shelving basket I should put a tub with Working with Words Supplies?
As you can see there is a bit of space before my desk so I could set up desks?
This will be my reading area as I shared yesterday. Today AJ and I set up some of the new bins I got at Target in the One Spot. Love them so cute and fresh.
Reading group table and mailboxes. I am considering moving mailboxes to a filing crate and making this hold paper for my writing center.
Lastly a shot of the closets. Doors are still up :( The fun bins will hold recess stuff for the kiddos.


Thursday, July 28, 2011

And so it begins

I made my first trip into school today. I have so many ideas in my head I had to start doing something. Today I just went in for about an hour after camp before heading to pick up the littles. I was able to place furniture were I "think" I want it. I still need to decide how to arrange my desk but for now the perimeter is done. Please forgive the iPhone pics I forgot my camera.
This is the mess I walked into. AJ was with me and had to open some of my book boxes. But as you can tell I was in a rush to get on to summer vacation when I left it in June.I got really lucky and my principal, whom I adore, got my cubbies so they will be going in my closets but I will be losing my doors. This is where I plan to have my reading corner and desk. writing center by the word wall. Book Bins will go on the shelf located by the door. I plan to have word work by the radiator so they can use the metal to put magnetic letters. The kidney table is where I hope to have reading groups.

Cubbies how I hope to have them (minus the doors).


Monday, July 25, 2011

Welcome to 1B!

Several things have happened this summer that have made me want to start a blog about my life as a teacher! It pretty much all began with Pinterest though! I found this awesome site and the world of sharing with other teachers opened up to me. Next, through Pinterest I found my Erin Condren Teacher Planner and the wheels for the school year 2011-2012 began to turn. Lastly, I have been working at a summer camp and have had to research crafts and things to go along with the weeks author. All this has reminded me that I love teaching and there is no other job I want to have! I also realized that just because its summer vacation doesn't mean I can't be working on school stuff.

My hope is for this blog to become a way I can share some of the things I am doing in my first grade class and also share how I am growing as a a teacher! To start with I supposed I should introduce myself...

Hi, my name is Grace Lovelace and I teach 1st grade at a Catholic school in Maryland. This will be my 5th year teaching 1st grade and I love it! In my personal life I am blessed to have 3 wonderful kiddos, "AJ", "Koey", and "Pie". I am married to my best friend whom I have been dating since I was 18. We have a dog, Max that rounds out our busy life.

This year my AJ will be in first grade and that should be interesting for both of us. My goals for this summer are to put some things I have read about in the blogging world and found on Pinterest in action.

  • I have decided on an Owl theme for my classroom
  • I am going to incorporate the Daily 5 and Cafe into our required Treasures Basil Series
  • I am switching from the "card system" to the clip system
  • I hope to come up with a better way to stay on top of paperwork
It is my hope that the next few post can expand of the list above. If anyone is reading this and has suggestions to offer PLEASE SHARE, I am struggling on most!