Monday, December 31, 2012

Fitness Goals

Jumping in a little late in this blog hopper linky but I plan to catch up! Any who on to my fitness resolutions...
1. Restart couch to 5k program.  Last November, as in November 2011, I hurt my foot and my plantar fasciitis (misspelled I'm sure) and haven't been able to get back to running since.  This year I am determined to do whatever it takes to get back to running.  I have a great love of running.  Well actually I hate it while I'm doing it but nothing beats the feeling when I finish and the high I get when I realize I actually ran.  SO I need to get back on track.  Starting tomorrow and then making an appointment to meet my podiatrist so I can get proper orthodics (again).
2. Run 2 5ks once I finish the program I plan do a run and then sign up for another.  I figure I'll probably have to run/walk 2 and be able to run mid year?
3. Attempt to run a 10k if I can't run it, walk it.  Hope I can do this because I would love to one day train for the Disney Princess Half marathon and this would be a step in the right direction.
4.  Work on rebuilding my core.  Three c-sections have done quite a number on my abs, who am I kidding I have no abs, just jiggle.  So I'm going to work on abs and toning my arms too.

There my friends are my fitness goals!
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