Sunday, August 4, 2013

August Currently

Woohoo!  I'm linking up with Farley for the 2nd month in a ROW!  Look at me go!  We won't discuss what may happen when I go back to school in two weeks :/

Listening:  It's time for Sunday morning cartoons and the kids are in our bed watching Charlie and Lola. Though I'm not a huge fan of Lola's I do love their accents!

Loving:  We're off to Rehoboth tomorrow!!!  Though it's a short vacation I'm excited to get away.  We've haven't been away since we went to Bald Head Island a couple years ago so this is perfect.  

Thinking:  Piggybacking off my Sunday morning cartoons, do anyone else kids switch between channels?  Kohen and Ellie are big Disney Junior fans, they love Sofia and Jake, well Gish (the remote king) doesn't believe me that Disney Junior shows are on the Disney Channel until 9 am.  So we missed Jake, can anyone say meltdown.  If he only listened to me!

Wanting:  I left my library a mess on Thursday with the best intentions to go back and never did :( I'll have to try and sneak away today.  

Needing:  We got our specials schedule on Friday and I need to do some serious thinking so I can draft how I want our days to go.  I'm excited because I have huge chunks of time but on the flip side my kiddos won't have specials some days until 8th period (2:10).  I'm hoping to map somethings out this week.  Does anyone else get to set up their days or is it a private school thing?

  • I have to have a new lunch bag each year.  It's the only thing that gets my excited about packing all those lunches :/  This year I am debating between these two.

  • Good picture books are a must for those first days back! Last year my kids loved The Kissing Hand and You're Finally Here.

    • CAFFEINE-  I'm not sure about y'all but those first few weeks back are a huge adjustment for me.  I've been pretty successful in my pursuit of  giving up coke during the week and limiting my weekend intake but I'm worried about back to school time.  I've started drinking tea and am hopeful it will be enough.  Anyone have any suggestions??  
    See you next month! 



    1. Love the first lunch and white with a pop of color is so popular right now and you can change out the color whenever you want!

    2. Hopping over from Farley's linky!
      I love the first lunch bag, too! It matches my classroom, and that's what life is all about right now. :) I love Starbucks Double Shot espressos when I need extra energy. They are tasty and don't make me shaky! Good luck with the start of the schoolyear!

    3. You and I are on the same page with the coke ... trying to give it up, but it is so hard. I am not sure how I am going to make it through my day. I think I am going to try to set up an incentive program for me. Also, I just bought my new lunchbox. I am going to add it to my page ... I am in love!!!! Hope you days go smooth & you don't break down for that caffeine/coke. Best Wishes!