Monday, September 2, 2013

Five for Friday for August 30th

I'm linking up with Kacey for Five for Friday August 30th on September 2nd :(

1.  I made it!! I survived my first week with 22 new Firsties!!  
Can I just say (I guess I can since it's my blog) I always forget how young first graders are when they come to me?!  So wiggly, so sweet, so clingy, so antsy. At the same time they are amazed by everything and I love that!  The next two weeks will definitely continue to be all about routines, rule and procedures.

2.  Like many of you I'm a teacher and a mom so my first day was also my sweet AJ's first day of third

And my Ko-Bro's first day of KINDERGARTEN!  
Seeing him in his dress blues just takes my breath away how did this happen so fast how did my sweet cuddly little monkey get to kindergarten?!  I'm dealing ok because I have one more who still crawls into my bed every night and isn't in school but in a blink she'll be in preK and I'm sure my tears will be flowing!  
AJ is loving 3rd grade, she's in my besties class and keeps coming home telling me about the BFG and some book name Dragons Breath that are SO COOL because they are 3rd grade books, "not like yours mom", guess I'm no longer cool?  Kohen is also in love with K and has 2 amazing teachers so I'm looking forward to a successful year in "mommyville".

3.  I'm totes in love with my classroom!  It turned out pretty much the way I wanted and I just have a few more touches and adjustments to make. I feel like one the kids come in there are always traffic flow issues I didn't anticipate. 
I planning on ordering art caddies from Really Good Stuff for my tables and getting a new rug for the back from Penneys, it looks just like grass and is super soft!  It will also fit all my kids. I'm still debating moving my calendar to the back wall so I can do morning meeting & reading workshop lessons there. 

4.  I survived last week with tons of help from my TPT/blogging idols!  I swear when I grow up I will be a mix of Michelle, Reagan, Abby, Amy and Cara!  Most of our first week actives came from Abby's Fun with Firsties Unit, Michelle's Behavior Packet, Amy's Let's Get Started unit, Reagan's Back to School Basics or Cara's blog and Instagram pics!  

Jitter Juice--- I'll suggest you don't use Sierra Mist or Light Hawaiian Punch, the kids loved it but (YUCK)
 My firsties are all confident that they to are Mathmeticians thanks to Amy!  Don't you just love my boys face?!  This craftivity goes perfectly with Saxons first lesson. 
We completed this activity from Reagan's unit after reading chrysanthemum. 
And this one after reading First Grade Stinks! 

5.  We've launched Daily 5 and are reading up to 5 minutes 45 seconds.
Time to break out the gum balls! 
I give my students 1 gum ball to chew once they reach 6 minutes of stamina.  They love it and it keeps them focused on demonstrating their best reading behavior.  Gum balls lose flavor very quickly so I give them a tissue as well. I'm debating switching to chewing gum because it lasts longer but isn't as pretty in a mason jar and doesn't sound as exciting.   Do you guys use anything?  

I'll be back to post my September Currently tomorrow 



  1. Your room looks so great! Enjoy your week! :)
    Grade 4 Buzz

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