Saturday, July 30, 2011

Is it just me

or once you get into the classroom to set up do you just want keep going back? AJ
and I headed there after camp again today and got a bit more done...I set up my book boxes where I think I want them. I am considering putting a large basket next to the final box for books that need to be shelved. I had to move shelves around to make them all fit and found a bunch of trash so once I get things where they belong my first task will be to wipe and dust everything!
Quick pic of my fab helper after a long day at camp! She is a trooper but I do need to start bringing her snacks or something.
This is my word wall and the table I am using for Work on Writing. I am not sure if I should leave it under the word wall or scoot it down under the bulletin board so it is closer to the anchor charts we make?
I like to use the radiator for Word Work because its magnetic and they can stick letters on to it so maybe instead of a shelving basket I should put a tub with Working with Words Supplies?
As you can see there is a bit of space before my desk so I could set up desks?
This will be my reading area as I shared yesterday. Today AJ and I set up some of the new bins I got at Target in the One Spot. Love them so cute and fresh.
Reading group table and mailboxes. I am considering moving mailboxes to a filing crate and making this hold paper for my writing center.
Lastly a shot of the closets. Doors are still up :( The fun bins will hold recess stuff for the kiddos.


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