Thursday, July 28, 2011

And so it begins

I made my first trip into school today. I have so many ideas in my head I had to start doing something. Today I just went in for about an hour after camp before heading to pick up the littles. I was able to place furniture were I "think" I want it. I still need to decide how to arrange my desk but for now the perimeter is done. Please forgive the iPhone pics I forgot my camera.
This is the mess I walked into. AJ was with me and had to open some of my book boxes. But as you can tell I was in a rush to get on to summer vacation when I left it in June.I got really lucky and my principal, whom I adore, got my cubbies so they will be going in my closets but I will be losing my doors. This is where I plan to have my reading corner and desk. writing center by the word wall. Book Bins will go on the shelf located by the door. I plan to have word work by the radiator so they can use the metal to put magnetic letters. The kidney table is where I hope to have reading groups.

Cubbies how I hope to have them (minus the doors).



  1. Thanks,but I don't see it that way when I am trying include everything I want for the kids :)