Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Classroom Tour

I didn't remember to take a picture of my classroom before the kids arrived so this is after the first day of school. This is my reading area. It where children will shop for box and possibly hang out. It is also where our CAFE menu is posted. Here is a picture of the right side of the room looking at the front. It shows you a glimps of my teacher desk and the area above the window where I hope to put anchor charts. This is a great idea that I stole from Ms. Bates and tweaked for my needs. I really don't like messy coloring so I made a coloring rubric. Like her I would am planning on eventually making a drawing rubric but I haven't had time yet. I must say today my firsties had 3 star or better coloring!!! This is a view of the back of the room. It is probably the only day that their will be no new words on our word wall. A view of our cubbies, writing area and the author of the month book shelf. Above the curtains is name art which I am sure is an idea I got from Jessica Meacham's site last year. It is the first thing the kids do when they come in on the first day and really looks so pretty when put up! A glimpes of my reading group area along with my seating crates. They are already being used and so worth the work!

So that's pretty much it. I will post pictures of each D5 area after I introduce it to my kiddos. Tomorrow I start day one of the Daily 5 and have our first full day!




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