Friday, October 7, 2011

It's a Buddy Thing

At HR each class has a buddy class from a different grade.  Our buddies are in 4th grade and we try to meet with them on full day Fridays.  We go to mass with them about twice a month and try to fit in "Read to Someone" once a month as well.  This week our 4th grade buddies helped us make some really cute owls to hang in our room.  Some 4th grade buddies even leave bucket notes for their buddy!  This seems to make the little guys SO happy!

Some Firsties are lucky enough to have two buddies! 

My guys filled their brownie pan last week and asked to please have their first brownie party with their budies.  So today 4th Grade joined us for brownies.  I thought it was so sweet that my class wanted to share with their buddies and even understood that they earn the most points at mass so really they couldn't have done it without their buddies. 


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