Saturday, February 4, 2012

Catholic Schools Week 2012

     Just in case you were not aware, I teach at a small Catholic school in Maryland.  People often ask me when I want to go public and if I have any idea how much they get paid.  Some people even assume I'm not certified because I teach in a private school.  It's like they don't understand why someone would want to teach in private school.  Now I can't speak for every private school or much less for every private school teacher but in my case, I don't to go public, yes I know how much they get paid and I am indeed certified.  The truth is I love my school and I love my job!  Working my school is a blessing!  I have so much fun everyday and honestly work with the best people ever!  I mean I even send my daughter there and plan on sending my son next year.  We get to do so many interesting things and have so much fun!  
     Case in point--- Catholic Schools Week.  The last week in January we celebrate Catholic Education.  We always begin with mass on Sunday, the students have to wear their uniforms and do the readings, petitions and gifts.  On Monday of this week we had career day.  My class was visited by one dad who is a surgeon, a school mom who is an author and a deacon.  The kids loved hearing about their careers and of course sharing all they knew about being authors and doctors.  They also made pictures for a book Mrs. D hopes to publish.  On Tuesday we made Penguin Fact & Joke Books for the Children's Inn at NIH.  This was the perfect final project for our penguin unit and really let the kids do something to benefit others.  I used a Time for Kids flyer to introduce the idea of serving others and then we discussed what we could do the make someone's day brighter.  They loved picking one fact and illustrating their joke.  

On Wednesday we began the day with a prayer service dedicate to the parents and also had open house. Thursday was Student Appreciation Day.  In 1B we watched Happy Feet, had a no homework night and joined the rest of the school for Double Dare.  My team teacher Mrs. Cap created a game of HR Double Dare.  She pinned the A classes against the B classes and assigned us each a color.  I was white along with the rest of the B classes and AJ was red along with all the A classes.  Lisa then drew names of 4th-8th graders and teachers.  She came up with trivia questions based on pop culture, religion and teacher info.  Probably the most loved part though was the physical challenges she threw in.  My kids were hooting and cheering at the WHOLE time.  Watching Cheeto head, the whip cream challenge and the relay race was so fun!  In the end it was a tie, truthfully I think my white team got creamed, and everyone went home happy! 
Whip Cream Challenge
The White Team

Double Dare Stage
Cheeto Head Challenge
Red Team

Friday was Teacher Appreciation Day and a half day.  We had mass then our 4th grade buddies came over for a Snowman Birthday Party.  We had been using Abby's Snowman's Celebration all week and invited our buddies to the party.  The kids made invites for their buddies as part of writer's workshop this week.  They were so excited to deliver them!  I asked our room parents to help us gather up some supplies so we could do a snowman relay dress race I saw in Disney's February issue of Family Fun Magazine.  My buddy teacher Mrs. H bought all the supplies we need for the children to make a Trinity Snowman make and take treat I found on Pinterest and I got all the supplies for to make snowmen sundaes.  We tied this party into Catholic Schools Week by teaching the kids about the Trinity and giving them this poem.  
After our party the whole school attended the variety show.  Some teachers performed a skit to Teach Me How to Study, (a play on Teach Me How to Dougie), which was a hit with all the kids.  Thankfully I just had one line!  I am more than happy to leave all the rapping, signing and dancing to my more talented counterparts!  And oh my word let me just tell y'all Mrs. Cap can rap with the best of them!  She and one third grade teacher were A-MAZING!

If you've made it this far, thanks for showing interest in my world.  I hope I have shown a small piece of why I choose to teach where I teach!

P.S. Can someone PLEASE share an easier way to format and organize pictures in a post?  All the randomness of blogger is driving me CRAZY!


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