Sunday, February 5, 2012

February Fun

Does anyone else think February is too short for all the stuff we need to cover in 1st grade?!  I mean really Ground Hog Day, 100th Day, Valentine's Day, Presidents Day and Black History Month?!?!?  In 29 days?  Of which we are really only in school maybe 20?  We have a 4 day weekend this year around Presidents Day so I have even less time!  Thought I would post a bit of what we have been up to what I plan to get to and what might get left behind or pushed into March.
     First off, my door--- each month we decorate our doors and post kids pictures.  I am not sure who came up with this but Mrs. Cap taught me my first year and I really enjoy it.  This time I decide to incorporate Catholic Schools Week, Snow and Valentine's Day.  I think it turned out pretty cute but I might tweak it for next year...
     We celebrated Ground Hog Day with Jennifer's Ground Hog Freebie and a short video on the Phil. We also read a story from Treasures.  
For centers and Valentine theme units I decided on these:
Part of my to do list this weekend is to figure out what I am taking from each and get a list of materials together.  I have all these units sitting next to my computer as we speak.  If I have time I would love to make Jennifer's Valentine Friend as well.   

Up next the 100th Day of School celebration which for us is this Tuesday.  As you can see from the picture below I will be basing everything off of The Wolf's Chicken Stew.  I was lucky to find a copy at the library and am using Michelle Oakes' unit along with a few other things I found on Pinterest.  I am making these for the kindergarten-1st teachers at school tonight.

At our school kindergarten and first graders bring in a 100 Days project.  It is supposed to be something that either has 100 items or says 100.  Last year AJ made the number 100 out of 100 100 Grand Chocolate bars.  Can I just say it was soooo yummy!  Gish thought up that project last year so it was up to me to think up this years.  Though last years wasn't super crafty I felt the pressure to come up with something good.  Gish takes pride in telling me his project made all the teachers happy once it was over because we got to eat them all.  I have this competitive side to me that had to find something good so he would be quiet.  Sad but true I do battle him out on little things.  

I had seen a wiggly eye t-shirt on Pinterest and asked AJ if she would be down for making a monster on canvas.  We looked at a whole bunch of friendly monsters online and then she told me what she wanted hers to look like.  I sketched it on canvas and had her paint it in the colors she liked.  I outlined some parts for her and then we let it dry.  The next evening we counted out 100 wiggly eyes, grouped them into 10's and then started sticking them on.  I was scared they wouldn't all fit but they did.  I think it turned out really cute.  She named her monster Hundy and can't wait to take it to school.  

Social Studies is where I am having trouble..  For Black History Month I plan to teach about Ruby Bridges and Rosa Parks.  I would love to get more in but haven't found much on this topic.  I am hoping to get to Presidents Day and use Rachelle's packet but how do I get all this in and finish our mapping unit, when we only meet 2x's a week?!  

Instead of a brownie pan this month my class will be trying to fill a box of chocolates.  I painted the inside of a canvas red and added black stripes.  Then I put little mini muffin liners inside to place chocolates in.  I will post a picture as soon as I can.  

The thing I am still debating in Mardi Gras.  So does anyone else think February should be just a bit longer or not have as much going on???


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