Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sunday Smorgasbord

I'm baaack... Or at least I am for today. 

So we can all conclude that teaching and blogging don't mix in my world! It's clear I can't handle both. So now that I've have had a couple weeks to rest up and enjoy some of my summer I think I'm ready for a little Sunday Smorgasbord. 

School ended for me June 13th and since then my focus has been the following: 

Spending time with my lovies: 
Somehow no matter how hard I try these three just won't stop growing!! Next year my AJ will be in FOURTH grade!!! How did this happen?  She continues to be a sweet, loving smart girl who loves to read and be outside. Koey will be going into first. I'm so excited to share my love of first grade with this little man. He's such a lovie who's obsessed with all things sports related.  My sweet sweet Ellie will be finally be joining us at HR as a PreKer in fall. She's so excited and so ready for school. She's my sweetest kid and at the same time the most ornery child ever. Channeling her passion will be the my hardest task for the next 15 or so years. 

I've also spent a lot of time tutoring three of my students from this past year. I'm loving spending one on one time with these cuties.  I tutor about 5 hours a week and it's just enough time to do what brings me great joy and purpose while not feeling guilty about being away.  Wouldn't it be cool if our school years were like that?  

My next summer focus has been getting fit!  I started going to Pure Barre classes on April 11th and have been attending 4-6 classes a week since then. I go at 5:30 in the morning and some days I go at 8:45 at night it really doesn't matter to me. The truth is 
Sometimes I get real luck and get to go with my favorite guy. 
Kev has been such a great sport, so supportive of my desire to get fit. He even knows how to make it even more fun. 
Tomorrow will be my 50th class. If you've never heard of Pure Barre let me just tell you, google it and find yourself a studio to attend a class at. It's amazing!  It's the hardest, most intense yet low impact workout you will ever do!! I still try to run a few times a week because I don't get as much cardio as I need a PB but seem to end up only running about twice a week. So it's my hope that now that it's summer I can commit to 3 runs a week. Here's a littler progress shot for you. 
These are April 13th, May 13th and June 27th. I'll post a pic comparing 2nd-20th and 50th class tomorrow.  One of the things that has me most motivated is Instagram. I've made some great "Insta-friends" who are constantly keeping me going. If you're also working on your fitness I highly suggest following, Katie King, Rachelle, and Katie. Katie has this great daily photo prompt that will really keep you interested.  You can also follow me, Racey7. Here are the prompts for July 

My last focus?!?! VEGAS!!  This year I'm going to SDE's I Teach 1st conference in Las Vegas!!! Are any of you going??? I'm so excited. I'm beyond excited. I'm going with two of my awesome friends/coworkers. We cannot wait!! I am so pumped to know I will be meeting so many of teachers who inspire me. I get to take sessions from the teachers I've dreamed of being when I walk in my classroom!  Sooooo awesome. I am a bit nervous and scared of leaving my littles for 6 days but everyone assures me I'll be ok a few hours after arriving in Vegas. I'm also sad to leave my sweet hubby behind but once again he's being so great saying someone's got to take care of the kids. 

So there you have it, my Sunday Smorgosbord.  Oh but I do have one finale question, if you're going to Vegas for any of the SDE conferences want to join me at the Pure Barre Las Vegas studio for a little LTB?  I've got the class times and am just looking for some workout buddies, so if anyone's still reading my blog and is interested let me know. 


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