Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A Look into My Cart

Hi Everyone! I'm so excited to link up with the  Blog Hoppin' ladies to share what I bought during TPT's back to school sale!  I'm so lucky my husband was in a good mood last night because when I laid my total on him he didn't freak out on me.  I'm so excited about all my new products!  

I'm hopeful Haley's First Days in First Grade will help me put together an amazing first week for my incoming firsties! I had originally bought Holly's Superhero unit for camp but fell in love with it so much I will be using it in class during the 2nd or 3rd weeks of school.  I have done bucket filling with my classes in the past but found it a little hard to get off the ground last year.  I am hoping Cheryl's Bucket Labels, banners and notes will make it easier.  My good friend Meghan sent me Pink Cat Studio's Owl Punch Card and I just had to get it.  I'm not sure yet how I will use them but I can't wait!

Last year Meghan and I decide to do science experiments with our classes on Friday's but I found it hard to keep looking for new experiments that were age appropriate yet engaging.  With Meghan moving to 2nd grade I was worried I wouldn't be able to keep it up, because she was totally more science and math than I am.  Thankfully, Kim's Science Blasters! are just what I need to keep myself excited and stressed free for this year's "Sci-Fries".   

I'm pretty sure I own more than enough reading and writing units but then again can you ever!  First off I must say I am so sad that Lyndsey is taking a teaching hiatus and her products are always on point and save me from several D5 jams.  I had to pick up both her Be a Reading Expert and Be a Writing Expert units.  The pamphlets she provides for parents are great and will definitely make an appearance at my Back to School Night.  This will be my 3rd year using the Phonics Dance in my classroom and because Ginny does such a great job anchoring the vowel teams and other hunks and chunks to picture I knew I wanted to pick up Katie's Blends and Diagraphs Packs to do the same.  I am a big believer in Phonological and use a wonderful year long curriculum but was surprised at the end of last year when one of my best readers wasn't able to think of rhyming words during our poetry unit.  I'm sure it hasn't held him back but when I saw Elizabeth's Dust Bunnies Book Companion Pack I was all about it!  I have all the supplies to make dust bunnies ready to go!  Cara's Year Long Work on Writing bundle was my splurge but I am hopeful it will keep me from being at school for several hours on Sunday afternoon looking for new activities to fill my WoW station of Daily 5. I sold it to  my husband as an investment in our family time!  

I love anything having to do with Campbell's labels.  Maybe it's because my daughter's middle name is Campbell or because the coolest, sweetest nicest girl in my grad program was named Campbell and carried a Campbell's Soup tote to class whatever the reason I love anything Campbell.  So of course I HAD to scoop up Hope's Organize My Supplies Labels, now I just need to start thinking of ways to use up some canned food.  Even though I have my own system for organizing my guided reading materials I still had to get Michelle's Teach and Keep Track forms.  The word work chart is AMAZING and sure to be a huge time saver!  

Last night while at barre the idea of my beginning of the year bulletin board came to me and I had to start picking up things to make it happen.  The Lego clipart and papers.  I am going to use one of min-figs from this freebie by Glitter Meets Glue Designs for each of my students.  I plan to title my bulletin board Everything is Awesome Everything is Cool When You're Part of 1A! Since I am using their freebie I felt I had to support their shop and picked up these great papers!  Finally I picked up some superhero clip art to use at camp and God know what else.
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