Sunday, August 17, 2014

What was I thinking?

I've never been one to leave my classroom set up for the last minute. Since I learned early on that teacher week is never really enough time I always start heading in to set up late July early August. Always that is, until this year.  This year I decided to soak up every bit of summer and enjoy every last drop of time with my kids. So I walked in Thursday having only been to school once during the summer to take a few pics for the Blog Hoppin' challenge. It was just as I'd left it, a packed up hot mess. The kids and I spent about 5 hours in my room and left it like this:

To be honest I'm only a little bit concerned I won't finish in time for Sneak a Peek next Monday.  I don't know why but as I sit here typing this I am okay with my decision to enjoy summer and not worry about school until 8 am tomorrow.  Maybe its because I know we have a different set up this year and I will actually have time to set up during teacher week , maybe its because I've learned that I'm never truly done with my classroom and am ALWAYS changing things its not worth the stress, or maybe its because I've throughly enjoyed the summer I've spent with my kiddos but as of right now I'm okay with my decision.  While, I do hope I don't regret it next weekend when its really crunch time my bigger hope is that I have the same thought process next year because there are certain things that can wait and certain things you can't get back.


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