Thursday, March 1, 2012

Someone's having a birthday!

Can you guess who?!
WRONG, it's not Dr. Seuss it's Justin Bieber's birthday and I have the cupcake to prove it!

One my most loved students from a few years ago made JB these yummy cupcakes and I had to share a picture before getting on to the real birthday boy.  

We started our Dr. Seuss Celebration a day early with a Fab Friend who made One Fish, Two Fish jello to go along with the story.  She also brought in the Lorax hat craft for the kids to make.  They had a blast and I think they are prepared for all the Seusstastic activities I have planned for them in the next week.  

Tomorrow we are throwing America's favorite rhyming author a birthday party!  I have actually been planning this mini unit since July when I hit a Seuss gold mine at Target.  They had such great stuff I bought ton and trusted that pinterest and the teacher blogs I read would help me find good uses for them.  This is a picture of my door for the first half of March.  I saw a pin on Pinterest of The Cat in the Hat children in chairs and fell in love.  Next I had to find a way to use handprints, I try to do at least one hand print craft a month, and tie it to St. Patrick's Day somehow. 

I'll  leave you with a picture of my sweet  little lady rocking the Lorax hats we were making for daycare the next day.  According to Kohen they were a big hit and a lot of fun to make.  Stay tuned for what else Seuss stuff we get into!  I promise the units I got from TPT and will not disappoint! 


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