Friday, March 30, 2012

Be Worthy

Each month a different teacher at my school is in charge of a hallway bulletin board. Each year I am the last to go in the lower school hallway.  Normally what I put up in April stays up till summer vacation but this year I have decided to do two. The last one I have had planned in my head for quite a while but April's was a bit harder for me to create. I normally do Easter but was debating about doing an Earth Day theme instead. In the end I decided to stick with Easter. I had planned to go with a cross in the middle and in mid March I found a technique that would allow me to use oil pastels and was sold.  I mean really who doesn't get excited to use oil pastels??  I still couldn't think of what else to do or if I should just leave the cross centered with nothing else. Thankfully I got an extra pushing seeing a blank board and after thinking it through and discussing my idea with my best friend Stacey I came up with this...
Some of my coworker friends helped me color and letter it all. One in particular did this awesome mosaic lettering...
My AJ giving final approval!

I love it and I love that 3 of my coworkers helped me pull my idea together and gave up planning periods and a Friday afternoon to get it finished


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