Thursday, March 29, 2012

Denver or Bust

I'm sure all of you have read Flat Stanley and some of you even do this in your class.  The first grade at my  school has been doing a variation for as long as I have been there.  The kids take there Flats on Easter  Break with them and use him as a way to share their adventures.  I also have my students pick a friend or family member to host their Flat for a few days.  In the past when a student didn't have someone to send it to I have called on my friend Jenn at The Suchniak Six to help a sister out.  Her kids have hosted for us before and with her son E in first grade this year we decided to have his class swap with mine.  My students could not have been more excited to get pen pals in Denver and trade Flats.  The teacher and I just matched up our students and had them write a letter to go with their Flat.  My students are traveling during break are excited to take the visiting flat with them and my students staying locally are excited to show the Denver kids our Nation's Capital.  I am using this as an opportunity to review writing personal letters and also a little about CO and Denver.  We are also making scrapbooks for our friends in Denver and might even include some Maryland goodies.  Stay tuned!
 My kiddos wrote letters and drew pictures for their new friends.
 I let the girls use the Flat Stella template because in the past girls have complained about "wearing" ties.
 Can I just say I love how the clothes never match :D
 Of course I am trading with Laurie as well and had to dress my flat in shorts and a pair of emerald green Toms I am hoping I get for my birthday :)

 And "we're" off!

 I wish you could have heard the hooting and hollering that came out of 1B when this package arrived!

One of my cuties with her visiting friend

Anyone interested in hosting our flats before school is over or next year???


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