Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

St. Patrick's Day is huge at our school.  A lot of the families are Irish and really with Lucky and all how can you not do it up?  My firsties were so cute when they came in!  They didn't even let me take pictures of Lucky's ruckus they cleaned up so fast!  

We did a whole bunch of centers from Abby and Michelle's TPT St. Patrick's Day units.  I swear their stuff is always a hit in our room.  

For our buddy activity the kids did Lindsey's Worth More Than Gold prompt.  I love her stuff as well and she is so generous to share so many freebies!

The kids learned all about St. Patrick and wrote reports to go along with this little guy.  I found the original on Catholic Icing and then just created a free hand template.  I traced it on the paper but let my kids do all the cutting.  In their reports they had to include three facts, 1 legend and what they found most interesting.  We read a ton of St. Patrick books and I loved seeing what they wrote.  One cutie said St. Patrick rid Ireland of snacks, soooo cute!


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