Friday, July 19, 2013

Let's Talk Running Records

     What do you think when you hear running record?  A few years ago I would have said panic!  These days though I think "Yes!  Bring it!"  I love taking running records while my kids read.  They supply me with such wonderful information and allow me to really get to know them as readers.  I learn what cuing systems they're using and what they need the most help with.  They help me group my students into guided reading groups and also plan my lessons. I take running records of each student about every two to three weeks.  Since our program has a limited number of benchmark books I often use a leveled reader they haven't read before.  In my grad program at Marymount my amazing professor Dr. Daly highly recommended we get use to taking running records on text we did not have already typed up so we could practice doing them on the fly and not need the text written out.  At first it was very hard for me but I eventually learned and use the blank running record from she gave us, it has come in very handy when doing running records on leveled readers, really any book I chose.
     Since I began blogging and using TPT I've remade a lot of old forms to include cuter fonts and graphics, her original blank running record form being one of them.  I would like to share these with you as a freebie today.  The file has one front page, and two options for the back page. One version includes a running record coding system and a reading accuracy chart, the second has more lines and general comprehension questions but does not have the cheat charts.  The second sheet is probably for someone who has more practice taking running records or is doing a running record on a larger text.  I use these all the time in during my reading groups, I copy them front to back and I keep a blank stack in my guided binder.  The file also includes a "Running Record Cheat Sheet" I  made for some of my team makes.  I keep a copy of this in a sheet protector in the front part of my running record section.  

I hope its helpful to someone.  



  1. I must be a little tired today because I can't find where to download your great running record file!

    1. I'm totally new at this and thought if I put the google doc in it would allow you to print. Silly me! Here is the link of TPT. If you get a chance please rate it. Thanks!

  2. SOOO VERY HELPFUL - I'm giving you a high five through the screen! Thank you from a current Grad student!