Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday Smorgasbord 4

It's time for Michelle's Sunday Smorgasbord

This post is long enough for you to grab your favorite mug, brew your favorite tea and kick back for a long read.
This week was packed with family fun stuff!  Let's get started shall we?

1.  As you may remember my little AJ ran away to Atlanta for the weeked with her grandma last week.  I needed something to take my mind off her long drive home on (I have severe paranoia when my kids drive with others) on Monday so my friend and I took Ellie and Kohen to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History.  It was an adventure to say the least!  Let's just say when we were leaving my 5 year old said "and that's why we don't got to DC". The kids had fun, in the gift shop :/, that is. Oh and at the fountain. 

2.  Tuesday Gish got tickets to see the Nationals play the Pirates.  It was the kids first baseball game and the older two loved it. Ellie was more interested in the snacks then the game. 

3.  Besides Wednesday we hung out at the play fountains and went to the library. I realized the best way to get Ellie to get her hair fully wet is to take her to splash in the fountains. So if you see a tiny naked girl at RTSq don't pay no attention it's probably just my Ellie taking a bath. 

4. On my quest to give up Coke and rekindled my love of bubble tea.  I love my some vanilla milk tea!  This week I introduced my gang to the bubbly goodness.  

They liked it but it was wasn't their fave, which I'm sure will save me some $.  If you've never had bubble tea you're missing out. Though its served hot and cold the cold version is more popular. It comes in tons of varieties/ flavors but has tapioca pearls at the bottom. YUM

5.  We're continuing our quest for 2 orange belts. This means karate practice 3-4 afternoons a week. I'm hopeful AJ and Ko will move up in August. As much as I hate speeding an hour and a half at the dojo with a spunky 3 year old, I do love watching them do their thing. 

6.  Shar and I placed our really good stuff order Friday. Can't wait to get all my book baskets, bins and whiteboard answer paddles!  
I feel like I'm really at a stand still with my room until they come in. 
I've pretty much resisted Target because I knew I would be doing so much damage with RGS. So for now I'm just waiting for my bins and deciding how I want to group my tables. At the moment I have groups 4 of 5-6 desk but I'm considering 3 groups of 7. How many desks to most of you put together?

7. The highlight of my week have been date night with this guy... 

I got to enjoy some QT with my Gish and some super yummy crabs legs!    We went to see The To Do List, it was pretty funny but I think I loved the the most.  

The highlight of the kids week may have been watching Teen Beach Movie and "learning" all the moves. 

So that's most of my rumblings for this Sunday. Be sure to link up with Michelle and while you're there consider donating to her help a hero fund. The files are amazing and worth way more than what you donate. 

I'll be back later this week to discuss chapter 5 of The Next Step and also post about my  guided reading lesson plan templates. Oh and be sure to grab yourself some bubble tea as soon as you get a chance!  



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    1. Thanks my hubby is a goof!! If you follow me on instgram you can see a video of him trying to teach me to speed walk. Thanks for reading!

  2. Your kids are adorable! It looks you are having a busy but fun summer!

    1. Thanks I think they're cute too! I thought we were having a busy summer too until my oldest up and left me for some excitement because she felt we did nothing but go to the pool. :?