Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sunday Smorgasbord

I'm linking up with the Fabulous Michelle from Fabulous in First to share some random bits of my week.    

10 years ago on the 4th of July I married my best friend. Though the last 10 years haven't been sunshine and rainbows each and everyday, sharing our hardest days is better than being alone on an "easy" one. It surprises me how many people think being married for 10 years is a long time.  To me it's just our beginning!  We've been together for 16 years and sometimes it's hard to believe he's the guy in my life for half of it, yet it doesn't seem long enough.  Kevin is my other half, my best friend, my partner, the father of my children and the only guy I dream of.  Being his wife makes me happy, happy, happy!! So bring on the next ten years we're ready!!

Guish took off on the 5th and we went to the pool for the day. Since I wasn't on pool duty alone I was able to get some reading in.  The kids are really making progress with their swim teacher and soon I'll only have Miss Ellie stuck to me at the pool, Friday we were able to share that duty though. 
It was awesome, even if we came home 12 shades darker.  

If you've read my blog this summer you know I'm trying to make a switch to Reading Workshop. Can I tell you I got a huge gift from the above mentioned Michelle yesterday?! She must be one of the sweetest and kindest bloggers ever!!  Following your favorite teacher bloggers on Facebook is a great way to connect with them and if you're lucky get your questions answered.  I highly recommend if!! Her email was just what I needed to commit to RW.  Last night I was able to put together a draft schedule and see how I can make it work for my new firsties!! I'm all kinds of excited. 

My little man is really making progress with his reading and sight word knowledge. Kindergarten shouldn't be a problem for my little dude!  

I'm back to running and trying to eat healthy. Somehow I let myself this past school year and I'm trying to reset this summer. It's not as easy as I thought it would be, finding time to run has been difficult. When someone is home to watch them it's too hot or rainy.  I learned this week a rainy run is way better than one in the heat. 
I'll leave you with this picture in case you're also working on your fitness!  Like Nike says Just Do It

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  1. Thanks so much for the kind words and thanks for linking up!

  2. Love this post. I sure felt like a turtle trying to move through peanut butter today. Keep on running. I love the look of our blog.
    First Grade Carousel

    1. Thanks! I've been running with my natural runner husband which makes me look even worse :( but like Dory says just keep swimming, in this case running.

  3. That describes how I felt EXACTLY...climbing the stairs to get to my daughter's 3rd floor apartment! Whew! Your blog is SUPER CUTE! =)

    A+ Firsties

    1. So glad I'm not the only one! It's so hard to get out there each time, but after I'm so glad I did.

  4. Hi there,
    I found you on Sunday Smorgasbord. It sounds like you have your hands full with your littles! I glad your family had a great vacation. I'm having a giveaway at my blog. Come and visit if you have time!
    I Dream of First Grade

  5. Hi Gracie!
    Your little guy is too cute! I have a nephew his age... I love how focused they are when working on school things. :) And I love that little saying about running - haha, so true! At least you are out doing it, good for you! I'm your newest follower.
    Simply Schoolteacher