Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday Smorgasbord 3

Can't believe we reached another Sunday.  Seems like summer vacation is starting to FLY by (sadsville).  I'm once again linking up with Michelle for her Sunday Smorgasbord

This week was pretty chill for me until AJ my oldest left me for the weekend, but more on that later.  We had the usual swim lessons, book club, karate and on and on.  Sometimes I fee like our summers are busier than the school year.  Though the truth is summer is probably when I get to rejoin the living and have a life with my family and friends.  I get to focus on activities outside of school, well probably like most you that's not really true, I still focus on school.

Case and point, I've been revamping our spelling for the upcoming year.  I'm pretty sure at this point it's no secret I hate Treasures, and to be honest their spelling drives me crazy!! I hate that they jump around.  Short Vowel, blend, diagraph, short vowel, diagraph, blend, long vowel, diagraph, blend, long vowel and on and on.  ANNOYING!!!  As I've mentioned I'm taking some Words Their Way online training and am hoping to use something alone those lines. I'm not ready to give up spelling lists but I am looking for a better flow which will satisfy what I know about spelling. Yesterday I sat down with all my resources and came up with a plan for the order want to teach spelling in this year. 

 I factored in what I've learned in Reading Reflex and Words Their Way and came up with the following scope and sequence.  Since I am creating it how I want I am putting diagraphs before blends and all in one unit.  Reading Reflex (Phono-Graphix) suggests that children not be taught "blends" because they should be blending every word, while I get that I wasn't willing to write that part out.  What I was more than happy to do was put each CVCe pattern next to the corresponding CVVC pattern.

Next I began putting lists together.  So far I have the first two quarters completed-- WOOHOO!
I plan to have 8 words for the first unit and 10 after that. I'm hoping to have 3 groups for spelling, approaching grade level, on grade level and exceeding grade level. I'm thinking I will give my kids the Primary Spelling Inventory and see where they all belong. Then I group them and decide what list to begin each group with. So ideally I will follow the sequence as is  for my on level group, slow it down some for my approaching group, and speed it up some for my exceeding group.  Clearly I have a lot more lists to put together, stay tuned. The only other school related stuff I had going on was putting together my order list from these catalogs.  Do they make anyone else drool?  This year I'm limiting myself to $250 from Really Good Stuff, book baskets, answer boards and I think I've reached my limit

At some point in the week I decided I was a trained groomer and would save some money by grooming my pup. 

FAIL!! Let me just tell you grooming ain't easy!  He's off to the real groomers at some point this week!  Poor Max looks like a long haired rat. 

Kev and I have dubbed this summer "movies instead of vacation", because we've yet to go away but have seen almost every new kids movie that's been released. This week we went to see Turbo.
Please forgive my sweeties evil eyes.  
It was very cute and my kids loved it but I still liked Monsters U and Dispicable Me 2 better.  My favorite part of this movie was hear Snoop Dogg as a snail--- loved it!

Since it has been so hot here in MD the AJ and I made Mel's Brazilian Lemonade Friday. Can I just tell you it was amazing?!  Just like every other recipe of hers I have made.  This limeade was so yummy, so easy to make and such a crowd pleaser!

Sadly even the lemonade couldn't keep them cool and they weren't able to flash their smiles for my pics.  I keep finding them around a/c vents in the house not sure if they're trying to stay cool, hide from my camera or enjoying sibling time?  Whatever the reason I'll take it!   

For the upcoming week I'm looking forward...
  • to my sweet AJ returning from a weekend trip to Atlanta. Let me tell ya tomorrow evening can't come soon enough!!!  This momma is ready to see her baby! Even though I am in love with my iPhone and iPad more than before for allowing me FaceTime with her, it's not the same as being able to tuck her in to bed and know that she's safe.  

My separation anxiety is making me wonder if I'm going to be one of those moms.  You know the I Love You Forever type?!  I'm pretty sure AJ won't let me be, I was shocked she was even willing to consider leaving me and now that she's having such a great time I doubt she'll pass up another grandma road trip.

  • A trip to the Natural  History Museum,  my girlfriend Danielle and I are taking Koey and Ellie tomorrow. 

  • Tuesdays Nats game with the kids. Kev is so cute and extremely excited. He went and got us all Nats shirts in preparation for the game. 

  • And of course swim lessons, karate and book club, cause what is summer with out extra curricular activities?
Thanks for reading all my ramblings again this week, be sure to link of up with Michelle!  



  1. Your little ones are precious! You sound like you're having a great summer! Ugh! Putting your spelling together is so much work, huh? Back to school here we come! I'm a new follower!

  2. It's difficult to decide how to make an awesome spelling program, isn't it. You look like you're definitely on the right track. I used Words Their Way last year but there are soooo many words on each list. I used each list for two weeks. Your dog looks adorable!
    Grade 4 Buzz