Tuesday, September 13, 2011

1B is filling Buckets!

After reading about Bucket Filling from Ms. Carroll I quickly ordered the book from Amazon.  As soon as I read it on Friday night I knew this was something I had to bring into my classroom ASAP.  My one concern was that I don't have a lot of space for a really cute display with real buckets.  I saw the idea of using library pocket cards on What the Teacher Wants and decided that would work perfectly on the back on my cubby wall.   This is what our bucket filler board looks like. 

I read the children the book on Monday and we got to work on coloring our buckets.  Since Monday was also back to school night I decided to have the kids write their parents a bucket filling note and had the parents write one in return while they were in our class.    I made this really quick in Power Point and  had each of my students fill them out. 

It was so sweet to see what they wanted to tell their parents in hope of filling their buckets!  One cute one said that no one looked better in black then his Mommy! 

I brought out the bucket filling forms for the kids today and let them each write one to a friend to get them in the habit.  They had so much fun doing that and also coloring their bucket filling coloring page.  

I did notice that all though they came up with great ideas about what they wanted to say to their friends they had trouble putting it on paper.  We came up with the 4 most common phrases they wanted to use and I made some "Bucket Filling Ideas".  I am going to laminate these tomorrow and post them on our board to help them start them off on what to tell their friends.  I am unsure of making more or just letting them try their best to come up with what they want to say.  I must say they came up with such cute ideas after we brainstormed these four!  



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