Friday, September 23, 2011

I Heart Pinterest!!!

 As I have mentioned before my school use the Treasures Reading program.  We started the first unit this week and I have been struggling a fun way to introduce my kids to plurals.  I didn't think the worksheet would be very effective on its own and started looking online for suggestions.  So of course I log onto Pinterest and start seaching, last night by chance I came cross the Concentration Noun Games that Kathy has over at First Grade a La Carte.  Can I just say this was the perfect thing to drill plurals into my kids?!  I set up the cards under my Elmo camera and set up a game of them verses me.  I pulled name sticks and let kids come up to fill over cards to match the nouns.  When they flipped they had to tell which showed more than one and how they knew (without using the picture as a guide).  If they couldn't identify the plural noun or tell me the "S" was the clue I got a point.  They got a point for every match they made.  My kiddos were having SO much fun!  At one point one little girl said "Oh, Ms. Lovelace has no points."  I asked them if they really thought I was worried about winning, they said "No, you just want us to have fun!"  I had to laugh at the look on their faces when I told them "Nope, I really care about you learning you are learning!  This morning you walked in not knowing the word plural and now look at all of you you get it!".  I am happy to report that all of the kids got the plural questions right on the assessment.  More importantly though, they practiced listening skills, worked together and had fun learning the material!  So I'll say it again, I LOVE PINTEREST!!


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