Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Something to Smile About

Our reading and math programs require us to test our chilren on material weekly.  For the first month of school I work on teaching my firsties how to take tests and how to check their work before turning it in.  Last year I use to have the kids put a check on their paper to show me they had checked their work.  I found that several didn't know how to make check marks or made them backwards.  This year we have switched to Smiley Faces.  I told them that when they check their work it puts a smile on Ms. Lovelace's face.  During math we go section by section to make sure every blank has something in it, every question has an answer and that we have done what was asked.  At the end of a test I say something like, "Welp, we're done!  Bring me your wor-" and even before I can finish someone says "Stop, we didn't check our work!"  I have had doubts about whether this was all sinking in until I was checking homework a couple days ago and came across smilies on diferent kids homework sheets.  Can I just say this made me beam?!  I would love to know what other teachers do to help their students learn study and test taking skills.


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