Thursday, September 29, 2011

Writer's Workshop

We started Lucy Calkin's Primary Units of Writing last week and it is going pretty well.  I have set up my classes "Writing Kits" like this...

They all have a folder which is labeled Drafts and To Publish. 
We made "Writing Groups" which are different colors.  I put each groups materials in an old Saxon Math box. 
On the front I have the group members numbers.  We have writing captians which are in charge of getting their groups materials each week.  I pretty much just go down the numbers. 
Inside each box is each child's writing folder, blue and black markers and new paper. 

It has been really fun to see the kids apply the skills they learn during mini lessons to all their writing.  I have seen Bucket Notes with words underlined because they aren't sure of the spelling but just wanted to get their thought down on the note.  I plan to have moms from my class come in for publishing and editing at the beginning of November.  I am still looking for a good set up to house all the materials we use during writing workshop.  I have begged my husband to make a 2x3 large cube system for me but he insists I just buy one at Target.  I don't think it will fit the space I have so I am still looking. 

 The kids love the mini lessons and helping me come up with what I should write.

They also enjoy the after workshop share! 


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