Thursday, September 1, 2011

Daily 5 Day 1...

I feel like there should be Jaws music playing with the intro!  We had our first full day of school yesterday and I start Read to Self and the Daily 5.  My kids LOVED it!   I stole some ideas from Pinterest (shocker) and allowed them to chew a gumball while they read.  It was amazing to hear littles talking about how they felt when they worked on reading to themselves for 3 minutes.  They had great suggestions on what might help them maintain their reading and build stamina.  They made full use of the room and made themselves comfy in different spots to sit and read.  I am happy to report my seating crates were well received as well!  We discussed 2 of the ways to read a book and made some anchor charts to refer back to.  As soon as I make our final drafts I will post what my firsties came up with.  Tomorrow we begin day 2 and I have already had requests for more gumballs.  So far I am sticking with the Daily 5 for Dummies guide I found on ProTeacher.  It is so helpful and if you are debating whether you should attempt the D5 it is a must!  The first two stories we read where No David and David Goes to School.  They were great for introducing the D5's Read to Self Lesson.


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