Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away...

indoor recess is no fun! Actually wait in 1B it always seems to be.  Maryland has been getting a lot of rain this week and my little firsties definitely need to get OUTSIDE but I am determined to show them that they can still have fun when it's indoor recess.  First up was teaching these newbies my favorite indoor recess game when I was a kid... 7-Up!  They loved it and were asking if they could please play again even if it they were supposed to go out.  I should mention we have two recesses a day so I have to find ways to fill both when we stay in.  Since it is only the second week of school I am trying to highlight different things we can do so eventually they can vote and have more say.  The second recess activity I introduced was 4 corners.  This game was also met with great enthusiasm.  Now for the kids that prefer to stay seated and do something quietly I brought out my drawing paper and had everyone free draw during lunch recess today.  This isn't always a favorite but I find that some kids like having the option to be creative or even just be alone for a bit.  I have a small collection of drawing books that kids can check out or they can really free draw see what comes to them.  Depending on how things go tomorrow I may try and share of my love of Connect Four and Uno.  Later on in the year we have Uno tournaments with our 4th grade buddies so I need to start prepping them now.  I have a few other board games I share with my class as I see they are ready.  My favorites seem to be the ones I played as a kid i.e. Sorry, Operation and Lite Brite.  Depending on where you live there are some great coupons out for many Hasbro games this week and next week Kmart is doubling them!!!  Once I think they understand the importance of cleaning up and putting all the pieces back I will bust out the Legos.  Once the Legos are out indoor recess time will be full of fun choices to please all.  Of course this is not to say that Ms. Lovelace doesn't love outdoor recess too!!!  



  1. I would give almost anything for indoor recess!!! I live in Texas and we are in the middle of a huge drought and a lot of wildfires. Please send your rain to us!!

    Quench Your First

  2. Thankfully the sun came out at pick up yesterday. It has been a l-o-n-g dark wet week!!

  3. I've chosen you for the Versatile Blogger Award! Stop by my blog to check it out!