Friday, September 2, 2011

I hope there is a method to my madness

Now you maybe thinking what in the world is that?!  I am sure some of the parents how got this in their child's take home folder thought the same thing.  I'll be honest certain things get to me more than others.  Case in point having to explain to children all year where the margins are and how to use "first grade paper".  So yesterday while having my students number their papers for the Words Their Way assessment a light bulb went off and I realized they needed a lesson on how to properly use handwriting paper.  So we scrapped the numbering and started with clean sheets of paper and markers.  I had them fill in all the white spaces with red and explained that just like on a traffic light red meant stop, don't write here.  We found the side margins and colored them over in black.  I then had them skip the first line and number each other line in yellow.  Yellow means slow down only numbers go here.  I had them find the top of the paper and write TOP so they new that the large white space signified this is the top margin.  In green marker I had the kids write Name and then fill in every other line green.  Some of them attempted to write:  This is where you write your answer.  This is where you share your story, This is where you show what you know.  From the pictures I think they liked it and I hope it helps them remember how to use the paper.  But then again I am the teacher who has a dance party before mass to get out the wiggles (at the same time hoping it doesn't get them wound up) and passes out gummy worms while reading.  Oh and the Words Their Way test (?) I decided not to pick that battle and numbered the papers for them :D 

Always- G


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