Saturday, September 24, 2011

Windows Live Test

Trying out Windows Live in hopes it might be an easier way to post pics…  These are from my I-PICK lesson a few weeks ago.  IMG_0121The kids had such fun trying to help me pick out shoes and loved trying to guess what my Vibrams were for.  I think I might have to do a follow up lesson because my littles are still having trouble finding books that are Just Right.  This past week we started Unit 1 in Treasures and I found that having the main story as a must read during R2S time is a good approach for now.  I am hoping that my kids can add shopping for books to the morning routine after this week.  So still working on implementing D5 in class but we are getting closer to having all in full swing.  Really interested to read how other teachers do basal and D5 together..



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